4 Tasty Things To Make With A Bottle Of Rye


Do you have a bottle of rye on your bar or on hand? Rye whiskey is a surprisingly versatile spirit that can be a valuable ingredient in some unique and tasty recipes. Not sure how to use your bottle of rye? Try these four fantastic ideas.

Classic Cocktail

Perhaps the most common way to enjoy rye is in a classic cocktail or highball. Try a tasty rye old-fashioned, using classic ingredients served in a traditional way, over ice in a rocks glass. Since there are so few ingredients in an old-fashioned, make sure that you use the best for optimal results. A single rye old-fashioned calls for the following: 

  • Rye whiskey 
  • Sugar, preferably Demerara 
  • Couple dashes of Angostura bitters 
  • Couple dashes of orange bitters, optional 
  • Lemon peel strip 

You can also serve this cocktail straight up, but make sure that your ingredients are very cold first. Shake well over ice and strain in the same rocks-style glassware.  

Medicinal Tonic

Did you know that rye whiskey was once used as medicine? It's true; Rock and rye is a concoction that uses rye as its main ingredient, added to various botanicals and sweeteners to create a delicious tonic that is touted to have therapeutic properties. Rock and rye was a common item sold in pharmacies in the late 1800s — and people still make this today! The sweetened potion was prescribed to those suffering from colds, coughs, respiratory issues, and congestion.   

Sweet Treats

Don't feel like drinking rye? What about baking with it? Try this unique cookie recipe that showcases rye whiskey as a star ingredient. The sweet taste of the rye pairs well with semi-sweet chocolate — and it really brings out the zest of the rye flour used in this recipe idea. The heat evaporates the alcohol content in the cookies, so the finished product is safe for consumption by all ages.  

Spiked Sauce

Still got a sweet tooth? Caramel sauce made with rye has a unique depth of flavor and a smoothness that is a delight over ice cream, with fruit, or simply on a spoon! Try a spoonful in a cup of hot coffee — delicious!  

If you have a bottle of rye on your bar or in your pantry, try these four ideas and recipes. If you don't have rye on hand, pick up a bottle of this versatile and tasty spirit for yourself! 

Reach out to a retailer that offers rye whiskey for more info.


23 January 2023

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